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Rosetta Stone

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This complete Homeschool foreign-language curriculum, enhanced with Audio Companion CDs, includes everything your students need to begin learning their foreign language, as well as tools that help you plan lessons, and monitor and report on your students’ progress.

Rosetta Stone Homeschool features predefined curriculum paths for learning, so parents can be sure their students are moving forward…even if parents don’t speak the language themselves.

Students learn all language content on the computer with Rosetta Stone Homeschool and reinforce learning with Audio Companion activities anywhere they have access to a CD or MP3 player.

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Every Rosetta Stone Homeschool Version 3 Language program includes Parent Administrative Tools seamlessly integrated into the program. They assist parents in lesson planning, viewing student progress, and generating reports.

Lesson Planning

For many homeschooling parents, teaching a foreign language is a daunting task. Lesson planning can be difficult because many parents have never taught a foreign language course, and often they do not speak the language the student is learning.

Rosetta Stone® makes lesson planning easy with predefined lesson plans to help parents enroll students into their desired lesson plan based on their learning objective.

Rosetta Stone Homeschool Version 3 offers a Full Year Lesson Plan and Alternative Paths of Study to provide you with the flexibility to meet your student’s language-learning needs.

Full Year Curriculum

The Full Year Curriculum is intended to guide a student through one level of a language in a scholastic year. This curriculum integrates a comprehensive path through the software, suggested Cultural Activities from the Parent’s Guide and instruction materials to strengthen the student’s language-learning experience. Though students will progress at different paces naturally, this path is great for students who wish to use each level of Rosetta Stone for a one-year course.

Alternate Paths of Study

There are 11 paths of study to choose from, based on your student’s learning objectives. Alternate paths exist for different skill focuses, such as listening and speaking, or reading and writing. While students will progress at different paces through the program, students will generally progress through the program much more quickly with an alternate path than with the Full Year Curriculum.


With Rosetta Stone® Homeschool, students are tested periodically as they move through their assigned lesson plans. Students automatically advance from exercises focused on specific language skills to tests.

As students progress through their assigned lesson plan and reach the end of a lesson, they are tested with a review exercise, or test. Depending on the student’s score, the review exercise will then be repeated at a later time in the lesson plan. A student who scores lower will see the review exercise more quickly than a student who scores higher. Eventually, the review exercise will no longer be repeated after a student achieves a satisfactory score.

One of the greatest features of Rosetta Stone Homeschool Version 3 is the Milestone Activity. Once a student has completed a Unit of material, they will go through a Milestone Activity. Milestones require the student to speak into the microphone and participate in conversation on screen.


The built-in reporting tool gives parents the ability to view, print and export student results. Information available in the report includes:

  • Exercises the student has completed
  • Current lesson progress
  • Scores achieved on exercises and tests
  • Time spent learning

More information regarding lesson planning, testing and reporting, as well as a detailed sample schedule and cultural activities, can be found in the Parent’s Guide included with Rosetta Stone Homeschool Version 3.

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