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Historical Biographies

Animated Hero Classic - Abraham LincolnThe Animated Hero Classic Series consists of 20 inspiring and educational stories of heroic men and women, with the emphasis placed on their accomplishments in world history and social sciences. The series focuses on teaching and instilling while introducing your students to history, science, social studies, math and so much more.

Using an integrated curriculum approach, Animated Hero Classics provide a complete learning system that will maximize the academic performance of children. Students will expand their knowledge of these extraordinary heroes and heroines while developing positive character traits such as honesty, leadership, and compassion and understanding of the economic, cultural and scientific contributions described in these biographies.

Each Animated Hero Classic DVD includes Spanish and English spoken language and subtitles; a three level Interactive Assessment Quiz in both Spanish and English.  

Also included is a PDF version of our award winning Resource and Activity Book with student activities designed to match the appropriate achievement level of the child. In order to prepare the students for required assessments in the core curriculum areas we have developed instructional activities in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.


Animated Hero Classic Series collection includes 20 stories of inspirational men and women whose far reaching accomplishments are relevant to our lives even today.

The 20 heroic men and women presented in this series portrays how they contributed to developing social, economic and political structures and ideas that transformed our world.

Perfect for families and Home School Educators, these DVDs help supplement curriculum and instruction requirements – and this series teaches character building concepts such as courage, self-control, justice, heroism, leadership and patriotism and honesty (character traits list presented by title) through entertaining and educational DVD lessons about such greats as: Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller, Thomas Edison, Marie Curie, Galileo and many more! These inspirational children's DVD stories are brought to life by the studios of Richard Rich, former Walt Disney® Productions director. And you can feel confident that the Animated Hero Classics are of the highest quality and worthy of your trust.

You'll also receive a free instant download activity book for each video in the Animated Hero Classics Collection. These instant download activity books are full of skill-developing activities, word games, puzzles, coloring pages, and more! These activities help children interact rather than simply listen, creating a better understanding and learning experience.

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