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Complete Bible DVD Subscription

Teach lessons for a lifetime by sharing with your children 36 DVDs from the Old and New Testament. With our special monthly subscription program, you will be mailed one DVD a month for 36 months! You will be charged each month for the DVD you receive. For a limited time only, we are offering your first DVD for only $9.95! Each subsequent month will be $19.95.  

With this treasury of New Testament and Bible stories, share the wisdom of great Bible heroes with your youngsters. See how the faith of God's chosen leaders in the Bible overcomes the darkness that challenges them. Amazing tales from Joseph, Moses, Daniel and many other prophets and judges will build up your children's faith and teach them to rely on God. New Testament stories teach values like humility, compassion and love without limitations and will reiterate strong character in your children.

PLUS, FREE value-added bonus items!

  • 36 Downloadable Activity Books - one dedicated to each video! These effective teaching tools help children to understand the impact and significance of the powerful messages contained within each of these videos and apply them to their own lives.

An introductory rate of only $9.95 for your first DVD! With each remaining DVD only $19.95 

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1. Anonymous User on 11/30/2007, said:

I bought the set of Old and New Testament tapes at Christmas for my children. We have thoroughly enjoyed every one that we have watched. My two-year-old has his favorites, which we tend to watch over and over! Needless to say, with over 30 titles in our set, we have not yet seen everyone. Imagine our disappointment when we opened and viewed The King is Born only to discover the tape was messed up. The first time we watched it, the picture was fussing out and the sound was fluctuating. I thought it was the VCR so I put in the head cleaner. It didn't help and all the other tapes worked fine. I was quite surprised that this happened. Your reputation is beyond reproach. I understand, however, that mistakes do happen . Please is there any way I can get a replacement tape? My children and I would certainly appreciate it.
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2. Anonymous User on 1/11/2007, said:

Hello all you happy people! I just thought that I would share something rather sweet that just happened this evening. After having worship with the kids, Kiersten and I let Anna and Matthew outside to release a bit more pent-up energy before hitting the hay for the night. After about 20 minutes, both kids came tearing up the back porch with Anna exclaiming at the top of her lungs with much excitement: "Mommy, Daddy, we just saw God!!" Needless to say, we were a bit confused and so asked her, "What, and WHO did you say you saw?" "Matthew and I saw God and Jesus, and Jesus was coming!!!!" Matthew verified that indeed they had just seen God. We had to go check it out, so we went outside and she pointed to the West where the beautiful late evening sun was shining through the clouds creating those ray's of light and shadow streaming to the ground (technically called Crepuscular Rays...)! Isn't that just priceless?!!? To give a little background, we have some DVDs and Bible stories for the kids and in those DVDs (These are the DVDs I ordered from you), whenever God interacts with us on earth, it appears as light streaming down out of the clouds. This evening, we had watched a video of Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist and when God spoke, it appeared just like those rays. We thought that was just precious and thanked our kids for the blessing they just shared. Anyhow, I hope that this warms your heart as it did ours. I attached a picture that I hope you all will enjoy.
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Below is a brief description of the 36 Bible stories included in this extensive DVD collection from Nest Learning.

John the Baptist John the Baptist
Children will be inspired by the courage and conviction of this great prophet who prepares the way for the Lord.

Ministry of Paul Animated DVD The Ministry of Paul
Teach the power of faith. Despite being beaten in prison, Paul travels the ancient world and changes history.

Good Samaritan Animated DVD The Good Samaritan
A story of robbers, a Rabbi, a Levite, a wounded traveler and a stranger with a big heart who teaches us to love our neighbors.

He is Risen Easter Story DVD He Is Risen
The most powerful story of all - from Christ's heroic death on the cross to the glorious joy of the resurrection on Easter.

Miracles of Jesus Animated DVD The Miracles of Jesus
Christ's compassion is evident in these stories of miracles that illustrate His love.

Treasures in Heaven Animated DVD Treasures in Heaven
Learn the difference between money and riches. Jesus tells how God wants to give us the eternal treasure of salvation.

Parables of Jesus Animated DVD The Parables Of Jesus
Three parables, The Talents, The Rich Man and Lazarus, and the Two Sons, are presented together to reinforce important principles.

Prodigal Son Parable Animated DVD The Prodigal Son Pre

This parable tells of the son who comes home to a forgiving father after squandering his share of his inheritance.

Saul of Tarsus Animated DVD Saul of Tarsus
This story inspires to fight the good fight. A blinding light converts a hardened soldier into a warrior for Christ.

House Built on Rock Animated DVD Built Upon the Rock
Jesus instructs His followers to forgive those who wrong us and to love them through the parable of the House Built Upon the Rock.

Jesus Son of God DVD Jesus, the Son of God
Meet the 12-year-old Jesus who astonishes temple elders with His wisdom. Witness His triumph over Satan's temptations.

Kingdom of Heaven Animated DVD The Kingdom of Heaven
In simple language, this series of favorite parables explains Heaven to a child and how to get there.

Story of Daniel in Lion's Den DVD Daniel
A young Jewish captive faces the lion's den and becomes a prophet.

Story of Esther on DVD Esther
The Bible's greatest heroine saves the Jewish people with her courage.

David and Goliath Animated DVD David and Goliath
Armed with only a slingshot and faith in God, David courageously faces a fearsome giant.

Elijah Animated DVD Elijah
A godly prophet overcomes evil as he refuses to worship an idol.

Elisha Animated DVD Elisha
Shows God's power through the working of miracles.

Prophet Samuel on Animated DVD Samuel
Samuel is called as a youth to be a prophet of God. Experience a mother's faith.

Lost is Found DVD The Lost Is Found
Through three interweaving stories, this masterful tale shows how Jesus generously extends His mercy to each one back to the fold.

Greatest is Least Animated DVD The Greatest is the Least
Jesus washes the disciples' feet and teaches that the way to greatness is not found in how many serve you, but in how many you serve.

Righteous Judge Animated DVD The Righteous Judge
In the story of the adulterous woman, Jesus teaches that human judgment is inaccurate. He also teaches about God's mercy.

Lord I Believe Animated DVD Lord, I Believe
Through words of comfort and mighty miracles, the Master show us that "all things are possible to him that believeth."

Lazarus Animated DVD Lazarus Lives
Lazarus is resurrected after four days and life is restored. Martha, Mary and the others receive Jesus' promise for eternal life.

Bread From Heaven, Feeding of 5,000 Animated DVD Bread From Heaven
The thrilling story of one of Jesus' greatest miracles - the feeding of the 5,000 with a boy's five loaves and two fish.

Lord's Prayer Animated DVD The Lord's Prayer
Jesus teaches His followers the importance and great power of sincere prayer.

Sign of the Times Animated DVD, end times DVD Signs of the Times
Jesus teaches His disciples to have humility, repent, and be prepared for the day He comes again.

Worth is the Lamb Animated DVD Worthy is the Lamb
Through betrayal, abuse and crucifixion, Jesus fulfills every word of His ministry.

Forgive us Our Debt DVD Forgive Us Our Debts
After Peter clashes with a tax collector, Jesus speaks to him about forgiveness. Teach your children how to truly forgive.

King is Born Animated DVD, Christmas Story DVD The King is Born
Your child will learn the true story of the first Christmas in this beautifully animated video of Jesus' birth.

Messiah comes Animated DVD The Messiah Comes
Journey with the disciples as they discover Jesus' mission, deliverance from the bondage of sin and death.

Ruth Animated Story on DVD Ruth
Ruth shows the importance of faithfulness.

Joseph in Egypt DVD Joseph in Egypt
Though betrayed by his brothers, Joseph demonstrates resolve by remaining faithful to God.

John the Baptist Abraham and Isaac
Abraham's obedience to God is rewarded through the ultimate test of trust.

Solomon Animated DVD Solomon
Through the power of prayer, Solomon is blessed with immense wisdom.

Joseph Reunion animated DVD Joseph's Reunion
A lesson of love, as Joseph forgives betrayal by his brothers.

Moses Animated DVD Moses
See how God uses Moses to lead. Learn about the power of faith and obedience.

Shipping Information:

We are offering our Bronze DVD Collection at an introductory offer of $9.95 for the first month. Every month thereafter we'll ship you the next DVD and corresponding resource book in the series for only $19.95 each. Applicable shipping, handling and tax will be added to each monthly shipment.

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