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Principles Guide Header Nest Animated Stories from the Bible

David and Goliath
Courage, Faith, Obedience, Determination, Honoring Father, Humility, Trust in God

Courage, Faith, Fasting, Honoring Parents, Loyalty, Obedience 
Courage, Faith, Integrity, Obedience, Prayer, Fasting, Trust 
Wisdom, Inspiration, Judgement, Obedience, Righteous Judgement, Trust in God

Courage, Faith, Obedience, Prayer, Covenants, Promises, Spirituality, Trust 
Obedience, Prayer, Covenants, Humility, Integrity
Joseph's Reunion
Forgiveness, Love, Mercy, Repentance, Wisdom, Faith, Goodness, Inspiration, Judgement, Leadership

Abraham and Isaac
Faith, Obedience, Sacrifice, Promises, Teaching Children, Trust
Faith, Honoring Parents, Obedience, Trust in God, Kindness, Mercy 
Joseph in Egypt
Faith, Integrity, Virtue, Goodness, Honesty, Honoring Parents, Inspiration, Kindness, Leadership, Love, Loyalty, Mercy, Morality, Obedience, Planning, Prayer, Preparation, Trustworthy, Wisdom, Work

Courage, Faith, Obedience, Empathy, Leadership
Faith, Obedience, Gratitude, Kindness 

Nest Animated Stories from the New Testament

Jesus, the Son of God
Obedience, Overcoming, Acceptance, Compassion, Forgiveness, Generosity, Goodness, Honor Parents, Joy, Love, Loyalty, Mercy, Obedience, Repentance, Service, Wisdom

He is Risen
Atonement, Eternal Life, Love of God, Resurrection, Faith, Friendship, Joy, Peace, Sabbath Observance, Sacrifice, Second Coming, Teaching Others 
The Prodigal Son
Acceptance, Compassion, Forgiveness, Generosity, Goodness, Honor Parents, Joy, Love, Loyalty, Mercy, Obedience, Repentance, Service, Wisdom
John the Baptist
Baptism, Courage, Dedication, Generosity, Giving, Kindness, Obedience, Righteousness, Repentance, Sacrifice, Salvation

The Ministry of Paul
Faith, Preaching the Gospel, Salvation, Service, Persecution for righteousness, Praising God, Sacrifice, Suffering for righteousness 
The Kingdom of Heaven
Eternal Life, Faith, Judgement, Obedience, Preparedness, Kindness, Mercy, Sacrifice, Service, Wisdom
The Lost is Found
Forgiveness, Love, Mercy, Repentance, Acceptance, Faith, Friendship, Joy, Service

The Righteous Judge
Faith, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Judgement, Mercy, Righteous Judgement, Justice
Treasures in Heaven
Eternal Life, Faith, Repentance, Forgiveness, Kindness, Love, Restitution, Salvation
Forgive Us Our Debts
Forgiveness, Humility, Mercy, Authority
(respect of), Compassion

The Greatest is the Least
Humility, Love, Ministering, Service, Atonement, Joy, Sacrifice, Salvation 
The King is Born
God's Grace, God's Love, God's Mercy, Faith, Joy, Obedience, Reverence 
The Lord's Prayer
Faith, Persistence, Prayer, Divine Deliverance, Gratitude, Humility, Trust in God

The Good Samaritan
Charity, Compassion, Love, Service, Goodness, Mercy 
Lazarus Lives
Eternal Life, Faith, Love, Resurrection, Friendship, Power of God
The Miracles of Jesus
Faith, Mercy, Sacrifice, Service

Saul of Tarsus
Baptism, Courage, Sacrifice, Testimony 
Lord, I Believe
Faith, Gospel Power, Power of God
Bread from Heaven
Eternal Life, Faith, Compassion, Prayer

Worthy is the Lamb
Atonement, Courage, Forgiveness, Grace, Love, Mercy, Obedience, Sacrifice, Testimony of Jesus
Build Upon the Rock
Eternal Life, Forgiveness, Preparedness, Stewardship, Wisdom, Work
Signs of the Times
Courage, Final Judgement, Humility, Preparedness, Repentance, Second Coming

The Messiah Comes!
Baptism, Charity, Grace, Salvation, Stewardship
The Parables of Jesus
Compassion, Faith, Integrity, Repentance, Stewardship, Work

Nest Animated Hero Classics

Christopher Columbus
Courage, Humility, Persistence, Faith, Leadership, Optimism
Alexander Graham Bell
Kindness, Dedication, Idealism, Concentration, Endurance

George Washington
Integrity, Commitment, Love, Faith, Humility, Courage, Obedience, Leadership, Patriotism

The Wright Brothers
Persistence, Work, Inventiveness,
Faith, Ambition

Abraham Lincoln
Honesty, Friendship, Love, Peacemaking, Faith, Patriotism, Judgment, Wisdom, Fortitude, Dedication
Macabees - The Story of Hanukkah
Courage, Patriotism, Integrity, Faith, Obedience
Thomas Edison
Persistence, Industry, Inventiveness, Leadership, Hope, Faith, Patience, Enthusiasm, Work, Optimism

Helen Keller
Generosity, Patience, Love, Kindness, Discipline, Dedication, Perseverance
Benjamin Franklin
Curiosity, Duty, Frugality, Patience, Industry, Discipline, Humility, Wisdom, Fortitude, Dedication
Leonardo da Vinci
Humility, Kindness, Love, Wisdom, Virtue, Generosity, Observation, Work, Persistence, Dedication, Commitment

Florence Nightingale
Sacrifice, Compassion, Charity, Goodness, Courage, Kindness, Persistence, Empathy, Justice
Joan of Arc
Faith, Reverence, Obedience, Integrity, Courage, Patriotism, Honor, Leadership
William Bradford - The First Thanksgiving
Sharing, Gratitude, Faith, Leadership

Marco Polo
Trust, Faithfulness, Obedience, Courage, Honesty
Peacemaking, Love, Sharing, Kindness, Loyalty, Unselfishness
Integrity, Confidence, Education, Patience, Humility, Endurance, Wisdom

Harriet Tubman
Indomitable Spirit, Faith, Courage, Trust, Love, Sacrifice, Loyalty, Hope, Compassion, Confidence
Marie Curie
Selflessness, Sacrifice, Love, Kindness, Generosity, Work, Education, Enthusiasm
Louis Pasteur
Sacrifice, Work, Compassion, Initiative, Observation, Concentration, Diligence

Persistence, Dedication, Courage, Diligence, Overcoming Obstacles

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