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Music to your Ears

Not only are Nest Animated DVDs known for their award-winning animation, but the music throughout each film will capture the ears of all listening and entice them to watch. Each original score was composed specifically for that exact moment in the film and enhances the overall meaning of each individual story. Your children will love them and we're sure you'll find yourself humming your favorite tunes as well!

"I stopped in my car, just motionless - and I thought to myself: "Father, thank you!" Even I don't wake up with a song of praise on my lips like that."

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Scripture Reference

Increase your child's knowledge of the Bible with each DVD. With the optional Scripture Reference Subtitles, you can follow along in your Bible while the movie plays. And at the end, check out the Supportive Bible Scriptures to continue the lesson and further your child's knowledge even more.

Activity Book

Your child will love to continue the lesson with great activities from your Free Downloadable Activity Book. Click here to see a sample of the book.

Adventure Quiz

Children will love testing their knowledge after each story with our interactive Adventure Quiz. The quiz is offered at 3 levels, so it will fit with almost any age range.

Imagine the surprise on your child's face when they hear their favorite characters congratulate them on a correct answer, or help with an incorrect one by showing them the clip again - all by using your remote.

Activity Book Sample


An Investment for the Future

"Each movie has been watched 500 times and has brought the spirit into our home for many years." - The Pifers

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English and Spanish on One DVD!

Each DVD not only has both English and Spanish subtitles, but also has the option of Spanish Audio - with original scores also done in Spanish, these videos are perfect for use in the home, church, and missions!

Cada DVD tiene subtítulos ingleses y españoles, y también tiene la opción del audio español. Con las cuentas de la musica originales también hechas en español, estos vídeos son perfectos para el uso en el hogar, la iglesia, y las misiones!



Seeing + Hearing + Doing = 90% Retention

The Complete Learning System has proven time and time again to be the best way to teach your children important character traits that will instill core values your child will carry with them throughout their life. From the movie to the quiz, then on to the activity book and scriptures - your child is sure to be entertained while eternal values and wisdom are streaming into their hearts and minds.

Principles Guide for Parents and Teachers

Know which DVD in the library teaches what principle or parable. By using the Principles & Values feature, you can design your teaching by topic and incorporate portions of multiple presentations. This tool empowers you to more effectively lead children in discovering the Scriptures in a comprehensive manner by giving you the resources to teach lessons for a lifetime!

Principles Guide

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