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LIFEPAC by Alpha Omega

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LIFEPAC is Alpha Omega Publications award-winning, K-12 Christian curriculum designed to teach five core subjects plus an array of electives. LIFEPAC's full-color worktext curriculum is based on the principle of mastery learning, in which students truly master the content and skills of one unit before progressing to the next. Students love LIFEPAC because they gain a sense of accomplishment after mastering each worktext, motivating them to go on to the next one.

"LIFEPAC works very well for a family as busy as we are. I am able to take my kids' school work with them on the go, and we never have to worry about getting behind. If they have a hard time understanding something, I always have the valuable teacher's guide that helps me explain it to them."
- Tena K., Oklahoma

Each worktext includes lessons, activities, review questions, and written tests. Lab activities and independent hands-on projects stimulate creativity and encourage students to demonstrate and reinforce the concepts they have learned. Teachers love LIFEPAC because they can closely track student progress through built-in tools such as diagnostic tests, self-tests, and teacher checkpoints, ensuring students stay on track with their learning.

LIFEPAC's Scope and Sequences Guide
LIFEPAC's Math and History Preview


LIFEPAC is a full-color, consumable worktext homeschool curriculum with Bible-based content for grades K-12. Designed by a team of accomplished educators with years of classroom experience, LIFEPAC is based on the principle of mastery learning. Students master content in each unit worktext before progressing to the next. Ten LIFEPAC worktexts provide one full year of learning content per grade level; individual worktexts can also be used as supplemental material. In addition, you can mix and match subjects or grade level worktexts to personalize your student's curriculum content. Individual worktexts take approximately 3 to 4 weeks to complete.

Your child will love this motivating homeschool curriculum which will gives a sense of accomplishment as each worktext is completed. LIFEPAC worktexts include engaging lessons, activities, review questions, and tests. This best-selling homeschool curriculum offers five core subjects and a wide variety of electives. Scripture passages are integrated throughout worktexts to help students connect daily learning to biblical truth. Independent projects and activities help stimulate creativity and reinforce concepts. Parents can easily track progress with self-tests and teacher checkpoints.

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