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All of our audio bibles pair cutting-edge audio technology with today's best-selling Bible translations. With our wide selection of audiobibles, you'll certainly find what you're looking for: color screens, CDs, MP3 audio bibles and more. The best part: most of them are portable - small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or in a shirt pocket. Shop for Bible on Audio MP3 Players and CDs today!


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New scientific evidence suggests that high recording devices that are used to bring the word of God to people who otherwise could not have any way to hear the Word of God are extremely beneficial. The result of scientific technology in the Word of God is the audio Bible. There are several formats in which the Bible is available in audio, including a Bible on audio CDs and audio Bible MP3 formats as well as Internet distribution of podcasts. This technology also brings another benefit: it is highly portable, requiring only a small digital sound system connected to a computer. This means that the recording of the Bible can occur anywhere in the world. The result of the ease of mobility is that there can be the centers where the Bible recording audio is recorded in hundreds of different indigenous languages. People all over the world, that there could be other ways of reading and understanding the Bible, which now may be exposed to the power of the Word of God in a version audio, you can hear.

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