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Alpha Omega Publications (AOP)

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Alpha Omega Publications Curriculum

Alpha Omega Publications (AOP) is a Christian publishing company that proudly provides quality, Bible-based curricula for students in Preschool through 12th Grade. Alpha Omega has many exciting Christian curriculum choices, which include: Switched-On Schoolhouse, LIFEPAC, Horizons and the Weaver Curriculum.


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No matter what learning style your children have, Alpha Omega is committed to providing you with the best individualized curriculum. Whether you lean towards the computerized focus of Switched-On Schoolhouse, integrated Weaver Unit Studies, colorful Horizons, or the traditional LIFEPAC workbooks, you can rest assured that your children are getting the knowledge they need using the methods that work best for them.

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  Switched-On SchoolhouseSwitched-On Schoolhouse is the next generation of homeschool curriculum by Alpha Omega. It’s a comprehensive, Bible-based curriculum that offers computer-based learning for grades 3-12. With 3-D animation, video clips, and other fascinating multimedia, Switched-On Schoolhouse is the perfect homeschool curriculum for today's generation. Click here to learn and see more!

  LIFEPACLIFEPAC is a full-color, consumable worktext homeschool curriculum, by Alpha Omega, with Bible-based content for grades K-12. Designed by a team of accomplished educators with years of classroom experience, LIFEPAC is based on the principle of mastery learning. Students master content in each unit worktext before progressing to the next. Click here to learn and see more!

  HorizonsHorizons is a brightly illustrated, engaging workbook curriculum filled with consumable lessons and hands-on activities by Alpha Omega. Designed with fast-paced lessons, Horizons uses a spiral learning method to help your student master concepts through the process of introduction, review, and reinforcement. Click here to learn and see more!

  WeaverThe Weaver Curriculum is a unique unit-based, Bible-centered homeschool curriculum by Alpha Omega. For grades PreK-12th, this family-based curriculum uses the same daily Bible theme as a foundation and then creates lessons for each student. Your students are then studying the same main subject the same time with individual lesson assignment geared to each student's grade level. Click here to learn and see more!

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