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20 Animated Hero Classics Biography DVD Collection

By: Animated Hero Classics | Richard Rich

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The Animated Hero Classic Series consists of 20 inspiring and educational stories of heroic men and women, with the emphasis placed on their accomplishments in world history and social sciences. The series focuses on the role in which they contributed to developing social, economic and political structures as well as in establishing and spreading ideas that helped to transform the world forever.

This Animated Hero Classics Series collection includes 20 Interactive DVDs with educational and entertaining lessons about such greats as Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller, Thomas Edison, Marie Curie, Galileo and many more!

Perfect for Home Educators as these DVDs help supplement your curriculum and instruction PLUS, with a wide range and continuity of human experiences this series teaches concepts such as courage, self-control, justice, heroism, leadership and patriotism and honesty and positive
character traits (click for list of the positive Character Traits presented by title)

These inspirational children's DVD stories are brought to life by the studios of Richard Rich, former Walt Disney® Productions director. And you can feel confident that the Animated Hero Classics are of the highest quality and worthy of your trust

Bonus Offer - You'll get a Free Instant Download an Activity Book for each video in the Animated Hero Classics™ Collection full of skill developing activities, word games, puzzles, coloring pages, and more! It's the perfect way to keep their learning discovery alive!
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1. Anonymous User on 7/11/2014, said:

Personally, I think they should make more Animated Hero Classics, like William Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Albert Einstein. There are many historical figures out there.
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2. John on 4/12/2014, said:

Well loved by both kids and adults.
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3. Anonymous User on 11/22/2013, said:

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4. Anonymous User on 10/6/2013, said:

My parents bought these on VHS for us when I was little. We enjoyed watching them over and over again, and I have been searching for them on DVD. They're enjoyable and very educational. Definitely worth the money.
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5. PAUL on 10/13/2010, said:

iit was amazing it was heart felt when the little girl could actally spell and she was free
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6. Anonymous User on 7/3/2008, said:

"I have purchased the Animated Hero Classics videos for five elementary schools that I have worked in. One of the best examples I can give you is using the Harriet Tubman video during Black History Month, which is February. Our students were glued to the video, which was used as a part of a celebration to honor Black Americans where we presented the school with a banner made of famous Black Americans. Before I purchased the Animated Hero Classics videos, I took several of them home to preview. My seventh, fifth, and third grade children watched several of the videos with me and helped me decide whether to purchase them. They liked them all and were truly engaged in the story of each famous American. I, as a teacher and parent especially, liked the documentary at the end showing a real life photo of the person and some additional factual information about the person's life. The information portrayed in the videos appears to be very accurate and presented in a way that keeps children interested. The activity books that accompany the videos are wonderful and have a variety of activities for teachers to use. I highly recommend these videos to educators and families." -Nancy Kiefer, Library Media Specialist, Edison and Richmond
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7. Anonymous User on 11/2/2006, said:

I'm writing concerning the wonderful DVDs you sent for us to preview. At first we didn't think we'd be able to get them due to financial cutbacks but after the teachers saw them and viewed them they were so excited that we decided to find the money somewhere to get them! We already had a couple of them and they are my most popular ones during the holiday season. Our art teacher was overjoyed to see there were some DVDs of famous people in art and immediately took some to preview. Thank you for providing these DVDs for us and we are looking forward to the workbooks coming to go along with them!
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Showing comments 1-7 of 7

The Animated Hero Classic Series "Every teacher at our school that has previewed your Animated Hero Classics Family Collection has raved about the product and requested that this collection of videos be included in next year's budget. Not only are these videos historically accurate, they are also of such quality that the students have requested to be allowed to see some of them repeatedly. That may not sound very impressive to you, but for inner-city kids (kindergarten to third grade) to get into history of any kind to that degree is indicative of an extremely successful product" - Mary Hacker, Librarian,Sugar Creek Elementary School, Kansas City Missouri School District

Below is a brief description of the 20 historical biographies included in this extensive DVD collection from NEST Learning.

Pocahontas Story on DVD Pocahontas
This Native American princess acted as a peacemaker between her people and the early American settlers.

George Washington Animated DVD George Washington
A thrilling portrait in leadership, this man served his country as patriot, soldier and President.

Galileo Animated DVD Galileo
Galileo was an extraordinary genius of astronomy that had the integrity to tell the truth he discovered about the universe.

Marco Polo on Animated DVD Marco Polo
Marco Polo was an astonishing explorer with a vision that took him to India, China, and many other exotic lands far from Italy.

Benjamin Franklin Animated DVD Benjamin Franklin
Curiosity led to his remarkable achievements as a scientist, inventor, diplomat, and shaper of the Constitution.

Florence Nightingale Animated DVD Florence Nightingale
Caring for the poor and sick, a young English woman left a life of privilege for a life of service.

Thomas Edison Animated DVD Thomas Edison
Persistence, hard work, and sacrifice catapult Thomas Edison to become one of the world's greatest inventors.

Harriet Tubman Animated DVD Harriet Tubman
A woman of courage, who escaped slavery then became a modern-day Moses, bravely led others to freedom.

Helen Keller Animated DVD Helen Keller
With the help of a patient teacher, Helen was successful in overcoming obstacles of deafness and blindness.

Wright Brothers Animated DVD The Wright Brothers
Perseverance was rewarded when two brothers launched the world into a new age of powered flight.

Alexander Graham Bell Animated DVD Alexander Graham Bell
This man of compassion taught the deaf and overcame failure to invent the telephone.

Marie Curie Animated DVD Marie Curie
Winner of two Nobel prizes, Marie Curie's love of science led to the discovery of plutonium and the isolation of radium.

Maccabees Animated DVD The Maccabees
The Maccabees family led their people with valor to win the war of religious freedom.

Beethoven Animated DVD Beethoven
Witness Ludwig van Beethoven's struggle to overcome his hearing loss and creatively give the world music that stirs the soul.

Louis Pasteur Animated DVD Louis Pasteur
With conviction, this great Frenchman discovered the cure for deadly diseases, after the death of his daughter.

Joan of Arc Animated DVD Joan of Arc
With bold faith, Joan of Arc gained strength from the voices of angels and boldly fought for her nation's freedom.

Abraham Lincoln Animated DVD Abraham Lincoln
"Honest Abe's" dedication led him from humble beginnings to his election as President of the United States.

William Bradford Thanksgiving DVD William Bradford
His belief brought peace with the Native Americans, inspiring the first Thanksgiving.

Leonardo da Vinci DVD Leonardo Da Vinci
The amazing breadth and depth of da Vinci's unique genius and character provide wonderful proof of the power of humility.

Christopher Columbus animated DVD Christopher Columbus
A young man's determination leads to the discovery of a new world.

FlexPay payments are available for this product. FlexPay payments are available for this product. FlexPay allows you to make interest free monthly payments for products based on the total of your FlexPay order. See shopping cart or call 1-800-634-4298 for details.

Richard Rich:

As is the case with most directors of animated films, the name of Richard Rich may not be well known to the typical movie-goer. But most people who have children, or have themselves been children, are familiar with his films. Rich was the director of two of Disney's animated features, "The Fox and the Hound" (1981) and "The Black Cauldron" (1985). Through his own animation studio Richard Rich has directed other nationally distributed feature films, including "The Swan Princess", "The King and I", and "The Trumpet of the Swan." In addition to his feature film work, he has directed over fifty 30-minute videos about stories from the New Testament, Old Testament and World History.

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